Artist’s Statement


My name is Nigel Clouse and I am an artist living in Phoenix, Arizona. My work is based upon a childhood spent in a section of the American Midwest commonly referred to as the Rust Belt. I experienced life in a small rural community where, much like in Grover’s Corners, time seemed inconsequential. Unfortunately, this once thriving town built on the glass industry was slowly decaying as manufacturing jobs left the United States or became automated—leaving blue-collar families with little more than a subsistence lifestyle.

The rural landscape of my youth is juxtaposed with the urban environments I have inhabited working for corporate America during adulthood. I have witnessed ethical lapses, dehumanization, and declining social mobility caused by the Great Recession and greed of the ruling class. These experiences heavily influence my art, which is composed of femme fatales, vintage photography, classic films, and popular culture references.

I create art to share my misanthropic perspective with the world and to provide social commentary on personal experiences—illustrated through pop surrealistic pieces which examine dystopian alternate realities.  I seek to convey the influence wealth, power and technology have on art, existence, and societal decay within my work.